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We welcome reviews regarding any of the massage therapists you've worked with at Table For One.  Just email your review to to be posted on our website.  We also welcome reviews posted on AOL, Google, Yahoo, or any other search engines.

"Bonnie saved my life! I had awful pain in my neck and shoulders and Bonnie's massages did the trick. She is the BEST! Thank you Bonnie..xoxo!"

"Table for One is a wonderfully personal and engaging place to get a massage.
Whether it's Bonnie or always get great care and a relaxing, therapeutic experience.
The massage rooms are warm and relaxing and it's one of my favorite places to go when I find myself with some time for me."
by Scott  11/10/2009

"I love Table for One. Their prices are so reasonable, their customer service is excellent (as one should expect for a small business), and the atmosphere is so relaxing. I would recommend it to anyone!"
Caty - Nov 10, 2009

"Dear Bonnie, Prior to my visit to your establishment, I occasionally would treat myself to a relaxing massage – maybe once a year. Two years ago when I was overworked and over-stressed, I made an appointment for a massage. From the moment I walked in, I knew that this would be different. Unlike the spas that I had patronized before, when I walked into your establishment, I immediately felt its calming effect. Since your move to your beautiful facility, I have come to realize that the effect is created by your personal touch and the atmosphere you create. I now look forward to my monthly visits with you, not only for relaxation but for the wonderful effect this has had on my body. I no longer get out of bed bent over, waiting until my bones adjust. They are already adjusted. My overall body and mind health have changed and I attribute this change to my monthly visits. I am not sure that my words adequately express my gratitude for the positive change you have made. I hope that others let you know what a difference you have made in their lives."
Tara, Randolph, NJ

"I was referred to Bonnie by her sister with whom I was acquainted socially. I had been suffering with chronic neck and back pain, due to stress and some arthritis. There was no avenue I had not tried before I met Bonnie - chiropractors, orthopedic, pain specialist, acupuncture and physical therapy. They were only able to offer temporary relief but could not offer any kind of maintenance program. Acupuncture came close but was not nearly as soothing. Her sister said Bonnie has magical hands and that is really true. There is still the occasional flare up but Bonnie has been a godsend. I am always sorry if I have to miss a week. I look forward to my weekly massage just the same as an alcoholic looks forward to his drink."
Ann, NJ

"Table for One Massage has provided me with the essential sanctuary for my mind, body and soul. It is the one place I can go to and feel renewed again."
Holly, Metuchen, NJ

"I was introduced to Bonnie some years ago at a time when the occasional massage was a welcome indulgence. From the warmth and kindness she extended on initial greeting to the atmosphere of calm and relaxation that she cultivates, I felt that I was literally 'in good hands.' After back surgery last year, which left me with residual nerve pain, it was Bonnie who helped me back to health. Her expert technique and sensitive touch provided enormous relief and her encouragement kept me centered on wellness."
Nancy, New Vernon, NJ


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