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Nine Months and Counting
At Nine Months and Counting you'll find therapists who are aware of the body's fragile balance, and a safe and professional environment where the proper modalities of integrated prenatal and postnatal bodywork therapy for the individual are carefully planned and developed. 

Pregnancy is an exciting and beautiful time for both you and your baby.  Your body is changing to accommodate the new life it is creating inside you.  Prenatal massage is a wonderful way to help you adjust to the changes your body goes through during this amazingly challenging time.  Challenging because some of the physical changes your body makes, quite often, causes physical discomfort, such as back aches, sore knees and swollen ankles.  Prenatal massage is designed to help relieve much of this discomfort allowing you to nurture yourself and your baby during this time of change and growth.

Therapeutic massage also improves circulation, which promotes more efficient
distribution of nutrition for you and the baby, as well as decreased swelling and reduces the chance of varicose veins.  Taking time to relax and release tension ensures more energy, creating a greater sense of well-being throughout your pregnancy.

Please know that we require doctor approval before providing bodywork for our pregnant clients.  Massage therapy is not intended to replace appropriate medical care.
Easing Labor & Delivery
Regular massage improves posture, muscle tone and flexibility, training your body for labor.  As you learn to recognize and release tight muscles, you will be better prepared for the demands of active birthing.  Massage can also help in the birthing process.  While a tender area is being massaged, you learn to focus, breath and relax.  This enhanced body awareness can increase your confidence, control, and ability to relax during labor.
Postpartum Massage
is designed to help restore the body to its pre-pregnancy condition and to address the stress of carrying and caring for a newborn.  It can speed recovery by bringing relief to sore muscles and helping the mother to relax.
What to expect...
Supported by various pillows, quiet music will draw you into the moment.  The smell of lavender and chamomile will fill the air as you feel the gentle touch of warm lotion from your therapist's hands.  Each session is tailored to your needs as they change through your pregnancy.  A session can include the following:
-    A discussion of your health status
-    Diaphragmatic breathing re-education
-    Warm herbal eye pillow
-    Pregnancy safe aromatherapy
-    Shea butter abdominal cream
-    Relaxation massage

Creating this innovative program for women before and after giving birth gives us such joy.  We look forward to meeting you and nurturing you and your baby.
Pre-Natal Massage Services
Pre-Natal Massage
Expectant mothers are safe and comfortable receiving a treatment that alleviates
many of the physical and emotional challenges resulting from pregnancy.

 60 minutes
90 minutes


Post-Natal Massage

Postpartum massage helps the body return to its pre-pregnancy condition by
addressing the sore muscles and stress of carrying and caring for a newborn.

60 minutes
90 minutes


Couples Pregnancy Massage Instruction

This private session teaches you and your partner massage techniques to help
relieve pregnancy discomforts and assists in labor support.  The session includes
learning basic massage techniques; massage of your partner (because the most
effective way to learn massage is to receive massage) and step-by-step instruction
 of pregnancy massage.

 120 minutes


Mother and Baby Massage

After your little one arrives, join other new moms and their babies to learn the
techniques and benefits of infant massage.

60 minutes


The Glow Gift Package

Treat yourself or someone you love to 3 - 60 minute prenatal massage sessions.
Treat yourself or someone you love to 3 - 90 minute prenatal massage sessions.

60 minutes
90 minutes



The Delight Gift Package

Because you’re worth it! This package includes 11 sixty-minute sessions
(4 for the 4th-7th month, 2 for the 8th month, 4 for the 9th month and one after the
baby arrives.)  The 12th massage is FREE.

12 sessions
60 minutes


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